This year we have introduced two new types of plans per level.  There is a full payment plan which will request you to pay the full amount of the base registration cost for the program selected.  
  • Cheer: $300 Base Registration Fee
  • Football: $250 Base Registration Fee
  • Dynamite Cheer/Football: $100 Base Registration Fee
The second is the Payment Plan option (not available for dynamite level).  This is a monthly payment plan that spans from the time of registration until the end of June (Football) or July (Cheer).  These payments will be automatically collected on the last day of each month.
  • Cheer and Football: $50 at time of Registration
  • Payments: Football final day of Month $50 from March through June, Cheer Final Day of Month $50 from March through July
Please do not hit back or cancel out of Pay now option once you have started this will cause issues within the registration program and require you to .