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Registration for Braves has now closed!  Thank you for your interest!

Welcome to the Chanooka Braves!

  The Braves are host to competitive tackle football and cheer programs.  These programs benefit the youth in the Channahon-Minooka area and allow for children from Kindergarten through 8th grade the opportunity to play, learn, grow, and compete.  Please select football or cheer from the menu to find out more about your specific area of interest!

Pardon Our Dust

So part of the down time of the past season has afforded the Chanooka Braves with the opportunity to look at and improve our website and more importantly our registration program.  Part of the past challenges the organization faced were related to accessibility, providing a unified communications platform, volunteer tracking, team messaging, Scheduling, and ease of use.

So how does the new site address these issues.  First, the new site is referred to as a responsive site. Which means that it will provide a different view based on what you are connecting from.  So the experience on your mobile device is similar to the online interface but broken down so that is easier to navigate and read.  Second, Unified Communication Platform comes in the form of a mobile application and personalized preferences as it relates to notification.  If you search on your phone you will be able to find the sportsengine application.  This application allows you to view schedules, receive group communications, organization communications, and so on.  This is in addition to receiving emails that we send.  This should simplify and unify the method across the various teams so that we aren't looking in multiple places for information. Finally, we have introduced an online volunteer tracking module called Dibs that will allow you to view the status as well as sign up for various volunteering opportunities.  Part of your registration is an agreement to perform 3 volunteer sessions per family during the season or pay the buyout of $300 for volunteering.  Each session you perform is worth $100 and you will be able to see what you have signed up for, completed, and your balance.

So please pardon our dust as we build the site up and start to expand our capabilities and make being a part of the Chanooka Braves a more positive experience.

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