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Welcome to Chanooka Braves Football

The Chanooka Braves are member of the I8 Tackle Football league which consist of a number of teams in the surrounding area.  We play a competitive season that follows the USA football rules and all coaches are USA Football Certified.  We provide various levels of play within the Braves and if you are interested in having your child play and they are between 5 and 14 we have a spot for them.

The levels of play are defined by various different rule sets but the player will fit into one of the following classifications.

  • Dynamite - These players are 5 and 6 years old who are just getting started in tackle football.  This is a place for the players to become acclimated to wearing the equipment and begin to learn some of the terminology and expectations of the game.
  • Superlight - The typical age for this level is 7 and 8 years old although 6 year old players can be evaluated for preparedness to play at this level.  At this level we begin to add more structure to practice and games while developing more positional based fundamentals.
  • Lightweight - 9 and 10 year old players will learn more advanced positional training as well as an increased push to get the structure, awareness, and strategy of the game into their skillset.
  • Junior Varsity - These are 11 and 12 year old players that will be introduced to more complex play book strategies and become more acclimated to the different offensive and defensive strategies that align with their position.  
  • Varsity - This is the final level of football our program offers to the 13 and possibly 14 year old players still in 8th grade.  The goal of this level is to prepare them for their entry into the High School program building on the experiences and training they have received.

Costs for the Chanooka Braves football program are $125 for Dynamite and $275 for all other levels.  Additionally, we have an equipment deposit of $350 that will be presented during registration.  That deposit is $1 up front non-refundable to establish the agreement during registration with the remainder due on 12/1 in the event you do not return equipment.  There will also be a volunteer agreement which states that as a family you will perform 3 volunteer sessions.  The agreement consist of a $300 agreement with $1 non-refundable collected upfront.  As each session is completed a $100 credit will be taken from the amount due until the outstanding balance has been absolved.  Finally, there will be an additional $100 per family for the fundraising requirement.  These will be in the form of raffle tickets that will be distributed at a later date (like equipment pickup, uniform fitting).  These tickets can be sold off to recoup your fundraising costs.

I8 Weight Matrix

*Players may be subject to moving amongst the various levels based on the I8 regulations as they relate to weight. Please find more information within the linked document.

Football Cost Overview:

Variable Fee depending on player level:

  • Dynamite Fee: $125.00
  • Superlight - Varsity Fee: $275.00


$100 Raffle Ticket Purchase required but you can recoup cost by selling the tickets


$350 Equipment Deposit with $1 non-refundable

$300 Volunteer Deposit with $1 non-refundable (you can also buy out of volunteer all together by paying the straight $300 during registration)


Multiple Child discount of $50 per child regardless of program after the first.

*If you only have a single dynamite child participating then Volunteer and fundraising requirements will be waived

**Additionally, you must be in good standing with the organization


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